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Parent teacher association

The parent-teacher association at Greenacres is called the Greenacres Home School Association and is a charity registered in England and Wales (registered charity number 1114887). All parents/carers (and even grandparents and older siblings) are automatically members, along with all staff employed at the school.

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Charitable objectives and public benefit statement

Our mission as the Greenacres PTA is to support and advance the education and wellbeing of pupils at the school by (i) providing them with engaging experiences which support their learning and increase their cultural capital; (ii) initiating community activities which bring staff, parents and the wider school community together; and (iii) providing facilities and/or equipment which support the school and enhance pupil wellbeing.

Annual community events like our Christmas and Summer Fairs act as a stepping stone for increased parent/carer engagement in school life, contributing to increased attainment and better outcomes for children. In 2019 we funded an immersion day with a theatre group to celebrate the anniversary of the moon landings. Educational experiences such as this give our children advancements they may not otherwise have received. We have recently raised more than £10,000 to purchase a new trim-trail for our playground, which promotes pupil health and wellbeing, and every year we provide funding for additional classroom resources such as book areas, cooking ingredients or craft supplies, which contribute to a more rounded educational experience for the children.



Elected Officers:
Laura Turner / Dave Marsh (Co-Chairs) Francesca Whymark (Secretary / Treasurer)

Staff Liaison:

Nina Biring-Rai

If you wish to contact the PTA you can email us on pta@gpsmat.org, or leave a message with the School Office.