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Roles and Responsibilities

September, 2021

Senior Leadership 

Mrs. J. Wilkinson-Tabi  Headteacher 

Mrs. S. Armstrong  Deputy Headteacher  Science and Geography Lead

Mrs. R. Ottley  Inclusion Lead and SENDCo (0.6)


Mrs. A. Luker Speech Bubble Lead

Mrs. E. Hughes and Mrs. C. Gan Early Years’ Leads  – Two Year Old Room – F.S.2

Ms. N. Biring-Rai K.S.1 Lead Wellbeing Lead

Mr. J. Croucher K.S.2 Lead and Maths and e-Safety Lead

Mr. K. Dearing  English and P.E. Lead

School - to - School Support - Primary English Lead - Mrs. K. Garrett

School - to - School Support - Primary Maths Lead - Mrs. S. Armstrong


2 Year Olds and FS1: Fig and Cherry Tree Classes - Mrs. E. Hughes 

FS2: Hazel Tree Class – Mrs. C. Gan

Y1: Elder Tree Class – Miss. L. Brown  Outdoor Learning Lead

Y2: Willow Tree Class – Miss. N. Biring-Rai  K.S.1 Lead Wellbeing Lead (Shadow Science Lead)

Y3: Maple Tree Class – Ms. L. Twohey

Y4: Aspen Tree Class – Ms. L. Grant  Computing and Hybrid Learning Lead

Y5: Sycamore Tree Class – Mr. K. Dearing  English and P.E. Lead

Y6: Oak Tree Class – Mr J Croucher  K.S.2 Lead and Maths and e-Safety Lead



The Team

Roles and Responsibilities

September, 2021

The Speech Bubble Designated Specialist Provision for children with diagnosed developmental language disorders (D.L.D.)

Ms. K. Samuel  Specialist Resource Teacher  - D.T. Lead

Mrs. N. Yousif Specialist Resource Teacher  - Phonics, Reading and K.S.1 English Lead

Mrs. W. Goodchild  Specialist Resource Teacher  - P.S.H.E. Lead   

Mrs. A. Boyd History Lead