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What we're up to:

Are we amazing? Of course Magenta Class are amazing! We begun the year by exploring the books ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ and the main character Max. We agreed Max is amazing because of his imagination and as a result, we decided to explore our own imaginations to see where it could take us. Different drama and writing activities helped us do this. We wrote setting descriptions of the fantasy lands our imaginations would take us to and presented them in clouds. To represent our imaginations travelling away, we created collaborative artwork of paper mache hot air balloons and painted them based upon our own designs.

mag1Since then, our maths learning has focused on multiple areas (great maths pun, right?). We have used a variety of games and activities to help with our understanding of place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication, fractions and shape. We particularly enjoyed creating our own fraction museums using as many different resources from our classroom as possible.


Hinduism and the story of Rama and Sita have dominated our learning since half term. We retold the story in our own words, made our own Diwali Diva lamps out of salt dough and have subsequently written instructions explaining to others how to do it. To help us with our understanding of grammar, we have learnt a verb rap and completed an activity called ‘angry verbs.’


In PE, we have been focusing on how important exercise and stay fit is for a healthy lifestyle. We have used a fitness boot camp to learn how our heart rate changes for different exercises.