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What we're up to:


Since day one, teamwork has played a vital role in all of our lessons; we have enjoyed a wide range of collaborative opportunities in all areas of the curriculum. We recognise the importance of teamwork, and we know that we can achieve much more if we are united.


We are amazing!

Iv3To begin the school year, Ivory class reflected on why they are ‘AMAZING’. In the first two weeks alone we produced: silhouette portraits, showing our individual qualities through the use of word art; gift tags, containing personalised information about the unique gift that we give to the world; and a 3D tree, containing our own handprint leaves, using a range of different medias.  All of this eye-catching learning can be seen in our entrance way.



Ancient Maya

Our first topic this term was ‘Ancient Maya; we were lucky enough to start this learning with a visit from Dr Diane Davies (an archaeologist who specialises in Ancient Maya). We explored a range of unique artefacts and because the Maya invented an elaborate and accurate calendar system, we made our very own Maya Calendars!

Iv 5

Did you know that the Ancient Maya invented chocolate?

When we learnt that the Ancient Maya invented chocolate, we immediately started designing our own chocolate. We explored and evaluated the current chocolate market (a very hard job!); designed our own chocolate, according to a specific design criteria; and made our very own chocolate, using a range of tools. Our chocolate tasted divine – it was mouth-watering! Mr. Marsh and Mrs. Wilkinson-Tabi couldn’t believe how good our chocolate tasted!

We were lucky enough to get to take a piece home to share with our family; however, most of the children kept the extra piece for themselves!!!


Our thematic learning also involved us designing and creating our own Maya masks.

These masks will be on sale when we open up our museum in February, so start saving your money now!

At the end of the topic, we presented our home learning to the class – some of us had even made our own Maya pyramids. For the course of the half-term, we had the opportunity to pursue an aspect of the Maya civilisation that we were particularly interested in; we were given the chance to share this with our fellow peers.

Iv 6

Getting active for charity!

Ivory class have also been getting active for charity! We took part in the whole school ‘Dance-a-thon’ in order to raise money for Children in Need, and we supported Mrs. Garrett as she took part in the London Shine Night Marathon to raise money for Cancer Research.

Iv 8

 Check back soon to find out what’s in store for the rest of the year …