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Forest School


Forest School is a nationwide initiative that has its roots in Denmark and has been used very successfully in Greenwich for the past few years. Children in the Early Years have taught sessions outdoors, learning about the outside environment. Children undertake active learning which encourages confidence, independence and self esteem through small achievable tasks. The children are given the opportunity to learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks and most importantly to use their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others.

We are lucky to have planted and green areas where learning can take place. These areas have been set up with log circles and resources to allow children to learn together. Part of each session builds on social skills through having a hot chocolate and a biscuit together.


When does my child take part in Forest School?

Tuesday: Nursery AM (Blue AM)

Wednesday: Nursery PM (Blue PM) + Reception (Jet Black)

Will my child still take part in Forest School in cold weather?

The Forest School sessions will happen in all types of weather, so please ensure your child has the appropriate clothing. 

What 'appropriate' clothing will they need?

Your child will get very muddy during these sessions, on Forest School days - they need:

Does my child need to wear Forest School clothes to school?

Please note: This answer is different for both Nursery and Reception

Nursery: Should come in, in their Forest School clothes. They should also wear trainers to school and bring their wellington boots in a bag.

Reception: Should come in, in their regular uniform. They should bring all of their Forest School clothes in a bag.