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Welcome Message


Welcome to Greenacres Primary School

At Greenacres we pride ourselves on being a friendly, inclusive school with a caring ethos. We have a strong set of values, which are at the heart of everything we do. We firmly believe every child should be taught by only the best teachers, and have the highest of expectations for achievement and behaviour.

We feel passionately about being a fully active community school where the importance of children’s wellbeing is a fundamental part of their learning. We are always seeking new and creative ways of engaging children in learning experiences that motivate and entice them to deepen their understanding and develop a lifelong love of learning. It is our belief that children enjoy learning most when they follow a curriculum which inspires and motivates them and encourages everyone to produce the highest possible outcomes. The success of this approach can be seen in the enjoyment of the children’s learning and their understanding of the needs of others.

We have a very close relationship with our community and always listen to the views and desires of children and parents so that we can keep improving and enhancing all that we do. We promote an active partnership with parents, together with the full involvement of the local community and all agencies attached to Children’s Services. This is demonstrated by the extensive work in the school to support the whole family and the extension of this into our Children’s Centre, which is accessed by many members of the local community.

Vision and Values

We at Greenacres Primary School and Early Years' Centre strive to promote a positive attitude to learning and relationships, leading to the best possible outcomes for all. We encourage independence in an environment where everyone feels safe to make mistakes and shows support and empathy for each other. We believe in a fully inclusive attitude to all, empowering children and adults alike to respect and value each other, become independent learners and take responsibility for the world in which we live. Our schools values are:



-       Is togetherness

-       Is collective strength and harmony

-       Is helping one another and feeling safe




-       Is knowing we are all unique and valuable

-       Is liking who I am

-       Is listening to others




-       Is knowing we are all different

-       Is being understanding and open minded

-       Is accepting myself and others




-       Is making the right choice

-       Is showing consideration for others

-       Is balancing rights with responsibility




-       Is making a personal and collective effort

-       Is having courage and confidence

-       Is wanting the best for all